Tips for a successful Live Streaming (Backstage) Session

Tips & tricks for running a great Live Streaming (Backstage) session.

Ideally, it is advisable to create a separate test event, a few days prior to your event and test features and functionality with your Speakers.

Please make sure that the Session Type is selected correctly as Live Streaming (Backstage).

The Speakers should join the Session 5 minutes before start and check video, audio and screen share functionality.

The Session should start at the set time, not prior to it, since stream will start at set session time. Also, the Speaker should keep in mind that Session will end at the set time. 

It is highly recommended that the Speakers use Google Chrome.

As an Organizer, make sure that you’ve sent the invitations to the Speakers (picture below) and that they’ve got the email, the link and are aware of how to enter the Session.

It is highly recommended for Speakers to access the platform from desktop or laptop. We do not recommend access from mobile devices.

Make sure you or the Speaker are not behind a Firewall. If you/she are, the solution is simple: please contact a network or IT admin and ask them to allow access to the * domains in your firewall. After that, just refresh the event page and everything should work properly.

Speakers should log in with the same email address as registered. It is common practice that some email addresses are forwarded automatically to other emails and the registration process fails.

Speakers should also make sure the camera is not open in other tools (i.e. Zoom, Teams).

To prevent microphone hauling, make sure the event is not open in a second tab.