How will the event experience look for the attendees

Get the big picture view of the attendee experience on the event page, while acquiring the ticket, during the registration and login to live event experience.

1. The Event page provides all relevant information concerning the event, accessible by either selecting the top menu links or playing the presentation video on the top right side,


 or simply by scrolling down to view the Schedule, Speakers and event Sponsors;


2. Ticket acquisition and event registration is performed by selecting the preferred ticket from the top right box and clicking the Buy ticket button;


3. Minimum information are required, such as Name, E-mail & Password for event registration and clicking the Continue button will prompt the payment process.


4. After card and billing address details are filled in, clicking the Pay amount button completes the payment process.


5. On a simplified registration and ticket selling event flow, attendee finds herself in the event lobby and receives invoice and ticket by email;


Controls enabling the attendee to navigate the event are placed on the left side burger menu; communication tools and features enabling the attendee to express herself and interact with peers and event organizers are displayed on the right side chat area burger menu.



Whether joining the Live section, reacting in the chat area,


Or visiting the Expo booth,


Taking a seat at an interesting Networking table, or simply reviewing the agenda or speakers, is done by a simple click on the relevant icon from the burger menus.


If attendee wants to view the event again, she can login after 24 hours, go to Videos section and replay the event recording.


Have a great event!