How to use the Zapier integration with Eventmix

This integration with Zapier allows Eventmix event organizers to export a list of attendees into a third-party tool, in real-time.

Available Triggers & Actions

Triggers from Eventmix :

  • New Attendee is Registered for Event

  • Attendee Updates their Profile

Action from third-party tool:

  • Register Attendee to Event

How it works

Trigger: New Attendee is Registered for Event

1. Login as an event organizer -

2. Create a new event or select an already existing one

3. Under your event, click on App Store from the Left menu


4. Click on the Zappier app icon. It will take you to the Zapier website


5. Sign up for a new Zapier account or sign into your existing account

6. Click on the "Make a Zap" button



7. In the App Event area, search for Eventmix



8. From the Trigger Event drop-down select New Attendee Registered and then click on the Continue



9. In the Choose account drop-down, connect to your Eventmix organizer account and then click on the Continue button



10. In the Set-up Trigger step select an Event and click on the Continue button



11. To test the trigger a new attendee needs to be created in the selected event. Go to your event in Eventmix and register a new attendee to the event.

12. Click on the Test Trigger button



13. Action Steps – the created trigger can be associated with different actions in other apps such as: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google Sheets, etc.

14. Associate the trigger with another service (for this example we will use Microsoft Outlook)

15. Select an Action Event that you want to be created with the Trigger and click on the Continue button

16. Click on the Choose an account and connect to your Outlook account, then click on the Continue button

17. In the Set up action dialog fill in mandatory fields and click on the Continue button

18. Click on the Test & Continue button

19. You can Retest the action or Turn on Zap

20. You can also add a name for your Zap

21. When the Turn on Zap button is clicked the Zap is saved and activated

That's it! You've connected your Eventmix Event to any app, via Zapier!