How to grant discounts to preferred attendees/ticket buyers

Simple steps to generating and granting promo codes.

1. Go to Tickets section, select the Promo Codes tab and click the New Promo Code button;

2. Fill in the desired promo code, the applicable discount percentage as well as the number of promo codes to be applied to preferred tickets (maximum recipients of discount);

3. Select whether the promo code applies for a time period, then select the tickets for which the promo code is available by clicking on the edit button next to Apply for all tickets, then click Add Promo Code.

Refresh the event page and the promo code section will be displayed in the payment completion phase of the ticket acquisition process.

Should you want to edit or delete the promo code, go to Tickets > Promo Codes section, select the options button on the right side of the promo codes line, then select the required action (edit or delete).