How to customize the registration form

Learn how to qualify your attendees by creating the best suited registration form.

Eventmix sets by default a minimum requirements registration form that can be found in Tickets > Registration Forms and is named Default.

The minimum requirement fields are attendees Name, E-mail, Password and Password confirmation. Should you want to add a new field to the Default registration form:

1. Select the Default registration form, then click the New Field button on the right;

2.1. Select Input if your field should be an input section, such as for address, then check the box if this field should be mandatory, then click the Save button;


2.2. Select Checkbox should you require a confirmation or validation from your attendee; Save.


2.3. Select Dropdown if a choice from several options is required; click New field to add more sub-fields; Save.


2. 4. Select Upload type if a document upload is required for access validation; Save.


2.5 Choose the Multiselect type if there are multiple selection requirements; to add a new sub-field simply click the New field button. Save.


Refresh the event page and you will find your customized registration form displayed in the ticket acquisition and registration process.


Should you want to edit or delete a field, click the option button on the right side of the respective field and select the desired action.

Should you want to add a new registration form, go to Tickets > Registration Forms and click the New Registration Form button on the right, then follow the steps just as previously presented.

To add the preferred Registration Form to the relevant ticket, go to Tickets, select the ticket and then select the Registration Form from the dropdown menu, then click the Update ticket button; done.