How to create a new lecture session

Step by step guidance to create your perfect main event session.

1. Go to Schedule and click the New Session button on your upper right,


2. Select Lecture from the session variants listed on the top, name your session in the Title section, then select the relevant Stage;


3. Select the preferred streaming Session Type from the 3 available options:

3.1  Live Streaming (RTMPS): Live streaming option performed by means of specialized video editing software (e.g. OBS, Zoom, Teams, etc.), or,

3.2  Live Streaming (Backstage): Live streaming option enabling you to manage the speakers directly from the browser, without requiring additional software like OBS, Zoom, Teams etc.

3.3  Pre-recorded Video Streaming: Video streaming option enabling you to play a recording previously uploaded on the Eventmix platform and assigned to a specific Session for streaming.


4. Select your Speakers, set the Start- and End- date, select a Stage category, if any, then click Confirm.

Refresh the event page and you will find the new session displayed in the Schedule section.