How to connect Zoom to Eventmix

Learn the steps necessary to stream Zoom video to Eventmix.

  1. Make sure you have a Zoom Pro account, allowing you to live stream, then,
  2. Go to, log in, select Settings, then In Meeting (Advanced),
  3. Scroll down to- and enable Allow live streaming of meetings,
  4. Select Custom Live Streaming Service, and indicate “Eventmix” in the box below.
  5. Start a new Zoom meeting,
  6. Select the More section on the meeting menu bar, then, 
  7. Select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service,
  8. A new page opens, requiring Live Streaming URL, Streaming Key and Streaming Page URL, that are available to you as you …
  9. Go to Eventmix Dashboard>, select Stages section from your left side menu, then select the event stage you want to live stream,


10.   Copy in turn, the Streaming URL, then Streaming Key, then Streaming page URL by simply clicking the squares next to them, and paste them in the related Zoom page fields,


11.    Click the Go Live button.

12.   To finish the streaming session, select the More section from Zoom and Stop Live Stream or simply end the Zoom session.