How to connect Webex to Eventmix

Learn the steps to live stream Webex Meetings on Eventmix.

1. Make sure you have a Webex plan allowing the live streaming on other platforms and the Enable Live Streaming feature, activated.

2. Open Webex, select Meetings and click Start a meeting.

3. Click the more options button and select Start Live Streaming


4.  Select Other streaming services; then write in the Streaming service section: Eventmix


5.  Go to Eventmix Dashboard > select Stages section from the left side menu, then select the stage you want to live stream on.


6.  Copy in turn, the Streaming URL and the Streaming Key by clicking the squares next to them,

7. Paste the Streaming URL in the Target stream link section, then paste the Streaming Key in the Target stream key section on Webex (make sure Eventmix is mentioned in the Streaming service section), then click the Start streaming button; done.