How to add tickets to your event

Learn everything you need to know about creating and modifying tickets.

Each time you create a new event, Eventmix automatically creates and publishes a free access ticket, called Free registration. To edit this ticket, simply go to the Tickets section, click on the ticket name and start customizing it according to your preferences.

To add a new ticket, follow these simple steps:

1. In the Tickets section, click the New Ticket button on your upper right;

2. Fill in ticket Name, select the desired Registration form, add a ticket Description

3. Select the Event Access granted by ticket, the Type (Free or Paid) and set the price, if paid; 

4. Set the number of tickets available, if any; then, by ticking/unticking the box, decide for Unlimited selling time or whether a QR code and PDF badge are required to be generated for this type of ticket; 

5. Decide whether access is allowed to all days and stages and click the edit button for changes; also, whether you allow ticket holders to replay the recorded session after the event is also optional; should you want to manually approve each registration or use an external payment link, tick the related boxes; than click Add Ticket; done.

Refresh the event page and your ticket will be displayed in the Tickets and Registration box on the top right corner.


If you want to unpublish your ticket, go to Tickets and click the Unpublish button, then Yes when asked for confirmation;

Should you want to delete the ticket, after performing the steps to Unpublish, select the option bullets on the ticket lines right and select Delete.