How to add extras to a ticket

Add-ons are an important part of event experience. Learn how to create and modify add-ons.

1. Go to Tickets section and select the Add-ons tab, then click the New Add-on button.

2. Fill in Add-on name and if the ticket will have variations, select Allow user to select multiple variations; fill in variation’s Name, Description and Price, then attach to the relevant session, Attached Session from the dropdown menu; if Add-on doesn’t have multiple variations, simply jump to step 4; 

3. To add a new variation, click the Add New Variation button and fill in the variation details,

4. Then click the Create Add-on button.

5. To attach your Add-on to the ticket, go back to the Ticket Add-ons area, click the edit button on the side of There are no selected addons field, then select your Add-on, click Save and then click Update Ticket.

6. Refresh your event page and the ticket add-ons will be displayed as a second step in the event registration and ticket acquisition process.

Should you want to modify or delete an add-on, go to the Add-ons tab, click the options button on the right side of the add-ons line and select Edit or Delete.