How to add a speaker to your event

Learn how to add and manage speakers, from building up their profile, to inviting them to a Live Backstage session.

1. Select the Speakers section from the menu on the left side and click New Speaker;


2. Add Speaker’s details (e.g. photo, name, short bio, social media links etc.)


3. Then, click on the Add Speaker.


Refresh the event page and check out your speaker’s display on the Speakers section.

Should you choose to stream your event via the Eventmix Live Streaming (Backstage) solution, then,

4. Make sure that you’ve created a Live Streaming (Backstage) session and assigned your Speaker to it; 


5. Then, go back to Speakers section, click on the arrowhead on the right side of the speaker’s line; then you will be informed that the invitation has been emailed to your speaker (bottom left);


6. Your Speaker will receive the email invitation:


By clicking on Click here to Sign In your speaker will arrive at the Backstage.