How to add a new Expo booth

Expo booths are meant to enable Sponsors to present ideas and products. Learn how to set up an expo booth, add a video link and prepare a special offer for the attendees.

1. Make sure you have already added a Sponsor, then go to Sponsors section, select Expo and click New Booth,

2. Select the Sponsor from the drop down menu, fill in the Headline and relevant information About the virtual booth and upload a Header image;

3. Insert an External Video Link (Youtube/Vimeo) relevant for the idea, product or service presentation; a poster image can be uploaded by clicking Replace Custom Thumbnail; then Upload Banner Ad for a fully branded experience and insert a Banner Link to link the Sponsor’s website to the booth;

4. An offer can be created and displayed for attendees by filling in the Offer description and then adding the one-liner Offer and the Button call to action display and the Button action; the contact information can also be added in this section;

5. To add any file regarding the expo booth, simply drag and drop them into the Upload files subsection; to finish the Expo booth creation process, click the Add booth button.

You can now refresh the event page and find the Expo booth displayed in the event lobby, on the burger menu.